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January & February 2020 Newsletter

February 2020

CMC Dems Newsletter

As January is coming to an end the RALLY is enclosing on us! We are gearing up for a strong and clear message to deliver on the 28th! 

On The Trail - June 2019

June 2019

CMC Dems Newsletter

Primary elections are over and we have our official candidates representing us in Cape May County for this years 2019 elections. We have a lot going on with campaigns and fundraising and you’ll see many opportunities throughout the county to be apart of the momentum we are building. Follow the CMC dems on Facebook for all updates on what’s happening with the party or reach out by email or phone to see what you can do to help. We would love for you to support in anyway you can all is appreciated. 

On The Trail - May 2019

May 2019

CMC Dems Newsletter

Primary election is Tuesday June 4th, we have a strong line of candidates starting from the top down. From state, to county , to municipal we are making an impact this November. Spearheaded by Senator Bob Andrzejczak and his campaign with the Assemblymen Bruce Land and Matt Milam we are showing the rest of the state that the Cape May County Democratic Party is picking up momentum and gaining traction.

2019 Candidates

April 2019

CMC Dems Newsletter

We appreciate their dedication to get this far, as well as the hard work that they will undoubtedly be putting in as the year progresses. We urge anyone who has time available to help at least one candidate's committee; email contact information is listed above for each candidate. We can all join together and make this a strong Democratic victory for all of Cape May County.

This. Is. It.

October 2018

CMC Dems Newsletter

With just days until the 2018 mid-term elections, I want to say thank you. Thank you for your work, your perseverance, your enthusiasm, and your belief that we, as democrats, are up for the fight. That we can work towards a better government for us all with our outstanding lineup of candidates. With your votes we will finally have a strong representation for South Jersey in Congress with the election of Jeff VanDrew. Thank you for coming to rally with Senator Menendez on Friday, and then again with Governor Phil Murphy today. Thank you.

Time For Action

September 2018

CMC Dems Newsletter

Although building a strong sustainable Democratic Party in Cape May County is an all year long activity, September is the typical time to fire-up our campaign efforts for the November general election. Normally in off-year elections when the Office of the President or Governor is not on the ballot, we can expect a lighter voter turnout. However, I sense the current harsh political times that are sharply dividing our country will ignite larger voter participation this year.

From the ground up

August 2018

CMC Dems Newsletter

We need you! It’s never been more crucial to elect democrats. If you’ve asked yourself what you can do to help as we’ve moved further into election season, we have some new opportunities for you.

Around the country

July 2018

CMC Dems Newsletter

With summer in full swing, I hope that all of you are enjoying yourselves. That being said, we do have a lot happening with campaigns and fundraising. You’ll see many different opportunities throughout the county to be a part of the momentum that we are building. Just reach out. Your support is appreciated in any way you are capable of helping. 

Results and the latest

June 2018

CMC Dems Newsletter

First, I’d like to applaud all the Democratic candidates that ran in last week’s primary. We recognize the sacrifices you are making by taking time away from your families, work and businesses to make better government in our communities. We also genuinely understand that it takes a great deal of personal courage to put your names on the ballot with the frequently harsh style of political campaigns. For our part, the Cape May County Democratic Organization is committed to do its best to help every candidate running in our column.  

Tuesday Primary Election

May 2018

CMC Dems Newsletter

Tuesday is a crucial day to vote and here's why:

1. We are picking the candidate who will help flip the House: We're nominating Democrats in 5 congressional districts currently held by Republicans. Democrats need 23 seats to take back the House in Nobvember and we have a shot to flip all of these seats.

Growing Stronger Roots

April 2018

CMC Dems Newsletter

With sincere enthusiasm, I welcome the opportunity to share my thoughts and on-going activities in this monthly newsletter.  As this initiative unfolds, I anticipate there will be many people to thank but I would like to initially express my gratitude to Elissa Campanella for originating the forum and Danielle Davies for her willingness to oversee its monthly content and production.