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As a Democrat in Cape May County,

it is our Mission to:

Fight for, and obtain, equal rights and opportunities for everyone.

Ensure the wellbeing of our elders by protecting Social Security and Medicare for future generations.

Develop and support environmentally sustainable practices, both on and offshore.

Provide a safety net for those in need to help protect basic needs and regain independence.

Foster small business owners to help create jobs and attain part of the American Dream.

Support our military, in all branches, levels and duty statuses, ensuring that all needs are met, at all times.

Democratic party platform

Read more about the values of the Democratic Party in the Democratic Party Platform. Download and read the PDF by clicking on the icon to the right.


Democratic BY-LAWS

Cape May County Democratic by-laws can be found right here. Please click on the link to download the PDF of our by-laws.

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