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Tim Alexander

United States Congress CD2


We need new leaders focused on leadership, not partisan politics. Leaders that will fight

for individual rights promote justice and equality, and empower economic innovation.

Tim Alexander is a retired Captain of Detectives in NJ and former Philadelphia Assistant DA. Later, Tim left public service to represent plaintiffs in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in matters of civil rights and employment discrimination. Tim has a unique perspective on civil
rights issues as a former police officer and a victim of police brutality before becoming a member of the law enforcement community. In fact, after Tim was shot at, assaulted, and arrested by the police in a case of “mistaken identity,” his grandfather convinced him that in order to make a change, he needed to join the force and do it from within. Today, Tim proudly reports that during his tenure as a law enforcement executive, he rewrote his agency's policies and changed how it interacts with the communities they serve.


Now, as a candidate for Congress,
Tim is continuing that same mission to make a change from within.

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