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County Committee

County Committee is composed of all elected county committee members from every election district within the county. County Committee members are the official representatives of the Democratic Party for the district in which they are elected.

There are two gender neutral county committee seats in every election district in Cape May County. County committee members provide the grassroots foundation for the Democratic Party.

Cape May County Committee members are elected every four years at the June Primary election. They take office as County Committee members by the third Saturday following the certification of the results of their election, on which date the terms end for all previously elected committee members . A reorganization meeting is then held following the June Primary after the election results have been certified.

The County Committee’s reorganization meeting is at a location and time chosen by the current County Chair. The County Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Sergeant-At-Arms are elected by the new County Committee at this meeting. As per CMC Democratic Committee By-Laws, there are two regular meetings per year, January and June. Other meetings are at the discretion of the County Chair. Any registered Democrat is eligible to hold the above positions, whether or not he or she is a member of the County Committee.

Current Committee Members


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The County Chair is a volunteer and is the elected leader of the Democratic Party in Cape May County. The duties of the County Chair are:

  • To preside at all meetings of the County Committee and of the Executive Committee; 

  • To appoint the Chairperson of all Standing Committees and be responsible
    to the County Committee for the faithful performance of their duties;

  • To serve as a member ex officio of all standing committees;

  • To faithfully execute the decisions of the County Committee;

  • To sign checks and vouchers as required.

The Chair will also meet with the Municipal Chairs for the purpose of promoting the strength of the County organization, sharing  information and updating the municipal leaders on related political matters.

The Cape May County Regular Democratic Committee By-Laws can be found here.

The County Chair

Meeting Between Colleagues


The Democratic Municipal Committee is created by statute and is comprised of the elected county committee persons from that municipality. 

The elected committee persons of each municipality typically meet after the County re-organization meeting and elect a municipal Chair and Deputy Chair, called the Municipal Leader and Deputy Leader for a 4-year term.

The Municipal Chair/Leader is the head of the Democratic Party in his municipality. This elected person represents his Municipal Committee persons at meetings with the Party’s County Chair, and at meetings with other officials if the need arises.


Anyone interested in becoming a County Committee member should first contact their local Democratic Municipal Leader to determine if there is a vacancy in their voting district. Here are two ways to become a County Committee member:


1. Filing a petition to run for County Committee: County Committee is a statutory office with two gender neutral positions in each political district and/or ward in every municipality. Both Committee Members serve four-year terms and are elected at the presidential primary in June. The nominating petitions are available to download at



Information on how many signatures are required can be obtained through the Municipal Clerk’s Office or through your Democratic Municipal Leader. The completed petition must be returned to your Municipal Clerk by 4:00 pm, 71 days prior to the Primary Election.


2. Filling a County Committee vacancy: County Committee vacancies or an unexpired term are filled by the Municipal Committee of the municipality where the vacancy occurs if there is such a committee; and if not, then vacancies are filled by the remaining Committee members of the district/ward where the vacancy occurs. When a vacancy is filled, the County Clerk must be notified by filing the appropriate form. Committee members, whether elected to a four-year term or appointed to fill a vacancy, must file a petition to run again when their term expires at the next presidential primary election. Contact the Municipal Leader in your municipality with any questions.

All Hands In

Share what it means to be a committee member.

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This informative tri-fold can be downloaded and shared.


Note: This Check List is a summary. A more complete listing of the official yearly election dates, as maintained by the CMC Clerk’s Office, is available at

The list provided here is intended to keep a committee member focused on the month-to-month activities vital to a successful, grassroots effort for the Democratic Party and our candidates.

USA Flag


Who can vote in New Jersey and how does one register to vote here in Cape May County?


You must be a U.S. citizen, at least 17 years old, though you may not vote until you reach the age of 18, and a resident of Cape May County for 30 days prior to the election. You lose the right to vote while incarcerated if you are convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony in New Jersey. If you are on parole, probation, or have fully completed your sentence, you may register to vote and cast a ballot. You can vote while awaiting trial for any charge, even if incarcerated.

Voter Registration Applications are available from the Cape May County (CMC) Board of Elections and online.


This form will allow you to register, declare a party affiliation if desired, and request Vote-By-Mail, if you wish. The completed form must be returned to the CMC Board of Elections. The registration deadline is 21 days prior to the next election. Additional information may be found at

As a committee member, one of your primary functions is to look for new people to register as Democratic voters. This builds the party and works to ensure success in future campaigns. Make sure friends, family and co-workers are registered to vote, and are registered Democrats. Families that have just moved into your ward or district, new citizens and families with children just turning eighteen are all good sources for new registrations as Democratic voters. Don’t be hesitant about approaching folks.

In-Person Registration can be done at the CMC Board of Elections office on or before the 29th day preceding an election. Registration by Mail is convenient: but the postmark must be on or before the 29th day preceding the election. The applicant must provide identification when voting for the first time, either at the polling place or if using the Vote-By-Mail option.

Additionally, if a voter moves from one county to another, they must re-register in the new county. They are only eligible to vote there. A voter who moves within Cape May County may only vote from their new address using a provisional ballot. They are prohibited from voting from their previous address. College students have the option to remain registered to vote from their home address, or they may register to vote from the address where they reside while attending school. Military personnel living on federal bases (for example, US Coast Guard Training Center, Cape May) are allowed to register and vote in state and local elections from those addresses.


A person may have more than one home but is limited to only one domicile, a permanent home. That is where they vote from. If a voter changes his or her name due to marriage, divorce or judgment of the court, that voter must file a change of name notice with the county on a “Voter Registration Application--Name Change Block, top of form. However, a woman registrant who subsequently marries or remarries is not required to re-register unless she chooses to adopt the surname of her new spouse. Visit for additional information.



In New Jersey, voters can vote by mail for any reason without an excuse. In recent years, the percentage of people voting by mail has increased, and campaigns continue to put a greater focus on this aspect of the Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) effort.

Any voter may apply for Vote-By-Mail by completing the application [available online and at the County Clerk’s office] and returning it to the Cape May County Clerk’s Office, 7 North Main St. Cape May Court House, NJ 08210 (609) 465-1010.


Vote-By-Mail Applications may be obtained online.

Ballots are mailed to those voters who have requested them, 45 days before an election. If you would like to receive your ballot by mail, you must request your ballot not less than seven days before an election. Otherwise, you may get your vote-by-mail ballot in person from the County Clerk by 3 P.M. the day before Election Day. Completed Vote-By-Mail ballots can be returned in one of three ways:


  1. Mail it back, postage is provided with the ballot.

  2. Place it in one of the County’s secure Drop Box locations.

  3. Deliver it in person to the Cape May County Board of Elections, 10 Mechanic St. Cape May Court House, NJ 08210 (609) 465-1050.



The Municipal Clerks receive petitions for Committee persons who live in a particular municipality, as well as primary petitions for municipal offices the County Clerk receives petitions from candidates for county offices Candidates for State Office must obtain forms and file petitions with the New Jersey Division of Elections.

The County Clerk’s Office is the source for election results from each of the 16 municipalities in Cape May County on each Election and Primary day. The results are posted after the polls close. They are available at

The County Clerk is also responsible for preparing and printing all election ballots, holding drawings for candidate positions on the ballots, and furnishing all mail-in ballots, preparing and maintaining a list of those voters using mail-in ballots, processing emergency and provisional ballots, approving or rejecting mail-in ballot applications, and ballots, posting election results, and certifying official election results. The County Clerk position is an elected Constitutional office.

County Clerk: Rita M. Rothberg

Deputy County Clerk: Diana L. Hevener

7 North Main Street
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210

Phone: (609) 465.1010
Fax: (609) 465.8625
Open Monday - Friday 8:30 am x 4:30 pm


The Cape May County Board of Elections conducts all elections throughout Cape May County. The Board of Elections is responsible for voter registration of all eligible voters in Cape May County, receipt of and processing and certification of mail-in and provisional ballots, certification of final results of all elections, posting polling place locations, appointment and training of poll workers, registering and overseeing challengers, maintaining election districts within Cape May County.

The Board of Elections works together with the New Jersey State Department’s DIVISION OF ELECTIONS, the Cape May County Clerk’s Office, as well as all sixteen (16) Cape May County Municipal Clerks. The Cape May County Board of Elections works to see that the New Jersey State Election Laws, Title 19, are followed with the utmost integrity.

The Board of Elections has four (4) members, two (2) Democrats and two (2) Republicans. They are appointed by the Governor for a two-year term. 

Related links for the BOARD OF MEETING DATES and Open Public Records Act Requests [OPRA] can be found here.

Cape May County Board of Elections
10 West Mechanic St.
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210

(P.O. Box 5000 CMCH, NJ 08210-5000)
Office: (609) 465.1050 ... Fax: (609) 465.1639
Open Monday - Friday 8:30 am x 4:30 pm 


  • Karen Mitchell - Member (Republican) 

  • Arthur Stig Blomkvest - Chairman (Republican)

  • Susan L. DeLanzo - Secretary (Democrat)

  • Kathleen M. Gorman - Member (Democrat)

● Michael P. Kennedy (Democrat) (609) 465.1051
● Douglas S. Dunhour (Republican) (609) 465.6880



For a full, comprehensive listing of all information on

Election Dates, go to: OR



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