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Cape Dems Joins Counties in Postponing County Committee Elections

March 22, 2020

Cape May County Regular Democratic Organization

Cape May County Democratic Chairman Brendan Sciarra today announced that the county will be postponing the scheduled June county committee elections until 2021. 

Lenora Kodytek for School Board

March 20, 2020

Cape May County Regular Democratic Organization

I would like to personally congratulate former Cape May County Special Services School Board Member Lenora Kodytek

Christopher South Files Petitions to Run for Mayor of Lower

March 18, 2020

Cape May County Regular Democratic Organization

With no fanfare, and no audience due to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus, Democratic mayoral candidate Christopher South filed his petitions March 20, at Lower Township Hall, for the primary election.

January & February 2020 Newsletter

February 2020

CMC Dems Newsletter

As January is coming to an end the RALLY is enclosing on us! We are gearing up for a strong and clear message to deliver on the 28th! 

Currie re-elected Dem state chairman

January 11 2020

New Jersey Globe

Democratic State Chairman John Currie was reappointed without much drama Saturday morning, officially bringing an end to an internal feud that consumed the party for much of the last year.

A letter from the Chairman

January 9, 2020

Cape May County Regular Democratic Organization

With the upcoming events we need to remember that this is nothing more than a political stunt to distract us.

Wildwood Van Drew Trump Rally Response

January 7, 2020

Greater Wildwood Democratic Club

There is nothing more important to the democratic party than its values, principles, and unity, all necessary to accomplish the agenda of the people we represent.

Cape May Democrats replace Allison Murphy

December 31 2019

New Jersey Globe

Elizabeth Casey is the new Democratic State Committeewoman from Cape May County.

She ran unopposed in a special election last night to replace Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s chief of staff, Allison Murphy.

Are you allowed to impeach a president for gross incompetence?

December 19, 2019


Trump's tweet from 2014 is gaining some unlikely attention.

From the desk of LeRoy J. Jones, Jr.

December 19, 2019

Essex County Democratic Committee

Dear Democrats:


There is nothing more important to the democratic party than its values, principles, and unity, all necessary to accomplish the agenda of the people we represent. It is with that in mind that my friend, State and Passaic County Chairman John Currie and I stand unified by reaching an agreement about the future of the New Jersey State Democratic Party. 

Trump in 2008: It would have been "wonderful" if Pelosi had impeached George W. Bush

December 18, 2019


Donald Trump told CNN's Wolf Blitzer in 2008 that it would have been "wonderful" if Speaker Nancy Pelosi had moved to impeach former President George W. Bush because he said "all sorts of things that turned out not to be true" about the war in Iraq.

Why it matters: Trump's feelings about Bush over a decade ago are a far cry from the letter he sent Pelosi on the eve of his own impeachment, calling the inquiry against him an "illegal, partisan attempted coup" and alleging that "more due process was afforded to those accused in the Salem Witch Trials."


December 18, 2019


U.S. Senators are sharing photographs of the growing pile of bills passed by the House only to stymie on Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's desk.

The stack, a symbolic replication of legislation McConnell refuses to bring to a vote, was reportedly the brain child of Senator Debbie Stabenow. According to her office, it includes more than 300 bills about voter registration, background checks for firearm sales, domestic violence, climate change, minimum wage increases and other issues.

South Jersey Democratic Chairs Want Money Back from Van Drew

December 17, 2019


Let's not mince words. Congressman Jeff Van Drew must return contributions he received since his "NO" vote on President Trump’s impeachment inquiry since he was capitalizing on his relationships with Democrats while planning all along to switch parties.

Just yesterday as speculation swirled about his intentions, Van Drew had the gall to send out a campaign fundraising solicitation featuring an event with Governor Phil Murphy, Senator Bob Menendez, and other key Democratic donors knowing he had just met with President Trump in the Oval Office to switch parties.

Van Drew’s Party Switch No Surprise To Dems

December 16, 2019


“Since holding elected office in the state legislature, Congressman Van Drew’s position on important issues has always been far right and out-of-step with the values of the Democratic Party. Democrats cringe at his opposition to sensible gun control laws, same sex marriage and raising the living wages of working people. Voting against the impeachment inquiry was the tipping point that ended his standing with democrats,” said Cape May County Democratic Chairman Brendan Sciarra.

Sciarra: Van Drew flipped because he couldn’t win a Democratic primary

December 16 2019

New Jersey Globe

Rep. Jeff Van Drew switched parties because he knew he would lose the a primary, according to Cape May Democratic County Chairman Brendan Sciarra.

“You simply can’t put the interests of Donald Trump ahead of the values of your party,” Sciarra said.  “Voting against the impeachment inquiry was the tipping point that ended his standing with Democrats.”

Sciarra acknowledged that Van Drew has always been out of step with most Democrats.

Menendez leaving Van Drew’s future to county chairs

December 13 2019

New Jersey Globe

U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez declined to endorse Rep. Jeff Van Drew for re-election Friday, signaling that he would follow the lead of the congressman’s county chairs.

“I don’t know that he’s going to run again, number one. Number two, there is a process. I think he’s in parts of seven counties, so seven county chairs and seven county Democratic organizations are going to go through their process to determine who they support,” Menendez said. “When that whole process is finished … then I’ll have something to say.”

On The Trail - June 2019

June 2019

CMC Dems Newsletter

Primary elections are over and we have our official candidates representing us in Cape May County for this years 2019 elections. We have a lot going on with campaigns and fundraising and you’ll see many opportunities throughout the county to be apart of the momentum we are building. Follow the CMC dems on Facebook for all updates on what’s happening with the party or reach out by email or phone to see what you can do to help. We would love for you to support in anyway you can all is appreciated. 

How to Increase Young Voter Turnout by 50%

May 24, 2017


Why are Millennials far less likely to vote than other generations? Learn how a group of young professionals in Tulsa, Oklahoma led a get-out-the-vote drive that overcame voter barriers and apathy and increased young voter turnout by 50% -- and how other communities can do the same.

On The Trail - May 2019

May 2019

CMC Dems Newsletter

Primary election is Tuesday June 4th, we have a strong line of candidates starting from the top down. From state, to county , to municipal we are making an impact this November. Spearheaded by Senator Bob Andrzejczak and his campaign with the Assemblymen Bruce Land and Matt Milam we are showing the rest of the state that the Cape May County Democratic Party is picking up momentum and gaining traction.

2019 Candidates

April 2019

CMC Dems Newsletter

We appreciate their dedication to get this far, as well as the hard work that they will undoubtedly be putting in as the year progresses. We urge anyone who has time available to help at least one candidate's committee; email contact information is listed above for each candidate. We can all join together and make this a strong Democratic victory for all of Cape May County.